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All sites are now in propagation

Thank you for your assistance LADIES

The 2 videos below are hosted directly on a private web server and can be downloaded directly.  We prefer that they NOT be viewed on YouTube.


3 Billion People are on Facebook - It is estimated that up to 750 million could be bots or inactive accounts.  People are leaving FB at an alarming rate and simply abandoning their profiles. Mark Z is trying to draw more religious groups to make it seem as though he is cleaning up his act before the conservatives come back into power.

5 Billion People use the internet every day.  With almost no restrictions.  This is actual users that login and actively visit some location or use a service.  This includes illegal and immoral activity.  ISP’s simply are looking to make money.

The FB BreakDown - If you have 3000 Friends, Followers or likes you have a page that has reached its full potential. Now we have to look at the active users.  When you go live how many people participate in your feed?  Is this the basis of your page or is it simply a bonus feature?  In your thread directly how many participants do you have?  Is it fully active or is it mostly ran by the same small group?  Based on this information you can see FB is not a big player in the marketing of a business or activity any longer.

Let’s look at a website. If you have 1 website that gets 250 visitors per day and 10% of those signup for direct marketing you are already on the way to completely surpassing your FB group, page or blog.  Now let’s factor in 25 or 50 sites that have the same content and links to each other.  Let’s go ahead and add incentives so the visitors will follow the links to the others sites.  Let’s take it even a step farther and make sure to place those Google ads on the pages so now every time you open your browser you get reminded to go visit that site the developer wants you to see OVER and OVER again.

Facebook added into the loop.  What happens if we start adding Facebook into our marketing.  Personal accounts, groups and pages.  Making post on other peoples topics and even pay to have companies flood accounts with links to the URLS of the sites you are propagating. Remember when I threw out the number of BOTS that are on Facebook?  100,000+ are bots for hire.  5000 post for 10$ ouch.  These same bots will spam rooms with YOUR names to have you attacked in true mass.  Not 50 users but 1000+ users.  Most developers hate to do this since morally it is a little underhanded but I feel everything should be based on the type of attack.  If the developers family was brought into this then by all means issue a lesser Jihad and have at it. Right?

GOOGLE. When someone wishes to find out about you or your business that is what they put in the browser which immediately sends a request to a search engine such a Google. The sites with the most accurate content will come up at the top of the listings.  Facebook will be in this list but if the marketing is done correctly it will be very low on the page or even several pages back.  One sure fire way to get listed higher is to place multiple feeder sites out with various related content with links to high traffic sites and the other feeder sites. One good thing about this is that the search engine will then follow all of the links on that page and bring those feeder sites higher in the listings. One of the faster ways is for people to simply search your name or business. The more people that search the better and faster the listings. This could still take months.  A savie web marketing company will purchase placement with Google and include Google Ads on the websites. Notice the video at the bottom of the page and the ad at the top?  Those are actually helping this page.  The video much more than the ad.  That video will have a few thousand views in the next week or so and it will be by activist and artist that will take the time to read the description and watch the entire video. My first priority would be to get that video down ASAP before its shared and new stories are created around it.  However, that video is in many YouTube accounts along with several others.

What about an EMAIL list?  Why not.  Large list of 10 to 50,000 users can be purchased for as little as $50.00.  The “newsletter” can be sent under the pretense of a link that offers something free or even giving the recipient the chance to voice their opinion on a particular topic.  Once at the website they can be greeted with a  headline that draws their attention by using certain key words that are either considered foul, in poor taste or even morally incorrect.  At this point the website could also offer a way to protest this person actions with addresses, job numbers and even home addresses. Are they committing crimes with children in the home?  All of the locals authorities contact numbers are right at their disposal.

I Cant Find My Domain Name and Feeder Site. The actually domain name can be anything since it is the actual content that matters.  For instance.  If you are putting up multiple sites for a TJ Buttz you can register datjbuttz2.com.  Its an old trick but it works very well and is still be used today.

Why Cant I Just Complain and Have You Shut Down - We own our own servers and approximately 150 domains. BTW.  Our domains are always up for sale and Website editing is always FREE with the purchase.  We also offer a FREE program.

What could be on these feeder sites.

Who could a site be created for? Just about anyone to be honest with you.  Usually its people that have caused some harm or wronged someone in some way.  In todays world most people are afraid to confront people directly so these sites are a great way to get things moving or just make it all stop.  Personally I prefer to play the game.   One of the best parts of this system is that you can literally pick people at random and make a feeder site for them.  Remember when your pappy said to pick your friends wisely?  

The Overall Goal

How Long Does This Last - Once the sites have been listed they will not only be available for instant viewing but will eventually be collected by a site that specializes in storing websites from the past.  This means that even though your site disappeared 10 years ago it will still come up in search engines.  However, the images are usually missing but the TEXT content will still be available. What is the best plan of action to make this marketing style be effective?  Start it and leave it alone.  Add a new feeder site ever week or so and update each with with new information once every couple of months so the spiders see activity.

I hope this gave you a little insight on how the internet works.  Someone told me that the “NEW” way was Facebook.  Maybe 10 years ago.  The people you get marketing on Facebook now are pedophiles and septic tank cleaners.


Below you will find random examples of websites that could possibly be the type of work by scandalous individuals.  It appears these are just 3 examples of sites that are linked into a cluster of over 50 that vary in design quality, content availability and varying degrees of topics.  These appear to be done by a very inexperienced web developer which only makes me believe they have been placed to appear this way to throw off the subjects of the designs.

If these sites are part of a larger network of grouped contents with more personal information including business and personal financial information it can be devastating in the future.  Any time your name is ran through any type of database this information will come to the attention of the auditor and could appear to be content that the subject intentionally tried to hide. I will continue trying to locate more examples of this type of content to use as examples.  I will also include a series on the dangers of being listed on forum and blogging sites that have been created solely to do really bad mean mean things to mean mean people on the not real internet.

Follow the links below at your own risk

There are multiple versions of this site under several variations of the name.  Including Debra

There are multiple versions of this site under several variations of the name.  

There are multiple versions of this site under several variations of the name. Including the wife and others businesses.

One in particular named Christies corner seems to be doing well in the adult image market.  I was told there is also an only fans.  I can only assume the images have been edited by a highly skilled graphic designer to resemble the subject.  The subject should be able to try and claim the profit made off of these business ventures.  However the off-set of traffic back to the husbands actual business maybe be worth the extreme embarrassment. 

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